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High School Reunions/Reconnections, Powered By Glo

Glo has definitely upped their TVC game, their latest ads have been quite entertaining and less literal(if you know what I mean). I saw this ad the other day and I smiled and could relate with Tuface’ situation. Apart from one or two alarming moments when Juliet’s derriere was literally shoved in our faces, the ad was a generally good ad. Howeverrrrrrr, the ‘greenery’ they had Juliet and Tuface wearing was a slight over-kill though! Green earrings, green sash/belt, green pocket square on that blazer, green necklace, green bangle, green sandals, HABA! Surprised her hair didn’t have green strands! Lol, we already know its a GLO ad and we also know that the primary color is green(It doesn’t matter that you tried to use a different shade of green from the Glo green, we still saw what you did there). *sideeye* I don’t know why subtlety is a bit far-fetched for some brands(topic for another day) but yeah… enjoy further analysis below:

Humor /Emotional connect: I could definitely relate to Tuface and Juliet’s story, Tuface’ delivery from beginning to end was quite good to say the least.

Creativity:  I like how they linked the 1999 situation to the present situation through a gesture, picture frame and a Polaroid picture. It all came together and made absolute sense for us watching it.

Icon/Memorable Lead character: Tuface killed this one, he definitely gave us 100 and we appreciate it, thanks a lot. He nailed it for me when he thought a lady dancing in his direction was coming for him, the sigh of relief from him was too believable! Lol

Catchy Jingle No jingle, but background tune worked for the ad.

Memorable: Yes

Did you get the general gist of the ad, or were you lost?Yes, the ad was about re connection, which was brought to light by the two actors reuniting after a long time. ‘Some things are worth waiting for’, says the VO (voice-over) in the TVC. So, when you reconnect your old sim, you’d get 6k airtime… In other words, save/reconnect your old sim, it’ll be worth your while!

How often is your product/service reinforced throughout the Ad:  Ha! Our eyes were green with envy literally at all the really nice accessories the actors had on! I think we all can agree that we knew it was a Glo ad.

Simplicity/ClarityThere was no ambiguity/confusion in any of the scenes, everything started and led to a logical conclusion as simply as possible

Overall TAB Rating: 7/10

Brand: Glo Nigeria 

Tagline:  Reconnect your Old Glo Sim and get 6k airtime

Source: YouTube 

Enjoy below:


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MEET THE BRAIN BEHIND – Airtel Commercial Moments (AKA Alex & Joe)

So we are introducing a new series called ‘Meet The Brains…’ which basically highlights those who have produced those great commercials you love and love to hate! Kick-starting our series is Baruxh Apata, a seasoned absolutely brilliant and versatile copywriter! I hope you enjoy reading his experience as much as I did, enjoy below!

Oh, and if you want to be featured on here kindly send a mail to



Please tell us a little about yourself – Baruxh Babanifesi Apata, I’m a very curious mind. I question everything and I mean everything! I’m Christian with questions for God as well. I believe in aliens, I love movies, music, and if you can guess copy writing isn’t my dream job… it’s something I like doing for money… I’ve very bad insomnia and I hate weak minds.

How many ads have you written so far – Officially more than 300 but only a handful have been produced. Most of them were tacky, the best according to people is Alex & Joe but seriously only 9 have been produced across three agencies.

What has been your most memorable one till date – Airtel Nigeria Moments

How did the thought process go – Honestly, I drew from my experience. We had written more than 65 scripts (REALLY 65!) so we were presenting the clients and out of the 65, they needed 8 scripts. We had 7 and they needed one more to make it 8. So, I recalled an experience, my family and I were travelling by road to Abuja, and my dad being a techy person had a palm pilot “Cassiopeia” and while on the journey, he sparked a conversation with the man beside him. Throughout the man kept looking at the Cassiopeia like it was some foreign technology and my old man was glad to share his knowledge.

So, I kind of remixed that experience added everything the client wanted to see in the ad. Back to the presentation. I narrated the story about a man travelling to see his grandkids for the first time but he got a head start when his seat partner introduces him to Facebook… and right there he got to learn more about the grandkids even before reaching his destination.

After narrating the synopsis to my bosses, they were like “Why haven’t you written that!!! Write it immediately!” And the rest as they say… *winks*

Did the client buy the idea immediately or was it a series of rejections – There are various levels of clients. You’ve got the Idea hearers, the gate keepers and then the top guy. Luckily, we had only the top guy in the room at the time. He listened, liked it and when others came in we’d won him over… Thank God!

How was the shoot in general – Oh, the shoot was tiring and long! At some point, I had to gather the little kids to prep them on what they needed to do. They were tired and starting to wear out their characters. The director was busy, and I felt very passionate about this script so I had to jump in sort of. But overall, it was awesome… The director did a fantastic job, I didn’t travel to the east with them. There was a lot to do back at work… you know how agency life can be *wink*

Were there any highlights and not so great moments – The drone shots. When the drone took flight the entire Ketu Bus Park lit up with amazement! I assume they’d never seen a drone take flight before, and I can still remember one woman saying, “Ah ka bo! Ka bo!!” meaning welcome… She was welcoming the drown when it was coming back down.

Then the production designer Bubby, a white guy. He’d made friends with all the entire Park. They took him to eat amala and he was rapping with those guys like they were childhood friends.

Are you pleased with the outcome of this ad – Hmmm! Yeah absolutely… I mean look at the reception.

What would you do differently, if any, with the next script – Well, the sound track… we initially wanted to use Michael Kiwanuka’s Home Again but then you can’t always have your way. I’m still surprised that people love the one we used eventually, but guess I was wrong.


See ad below:

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Blog Share:The 4 Digital Trends That Are Reshaping Advertising

People know a great ad when they see one, but getting that ad to right people at the right time is an art unto itself. As innovation in advertising technology renders old tactics obsolete, it also opens new opportunities to reach your audience.

The central questions in digital advertising today are: Where will people listen? What content will they engage with? How do I reach them? The answers are key to understanding four trends that are shaping the industry.

1. Mobile video advertising.

Mobile video consumption is growing rapidly and providing advertisers with a way to reach consumers when they are paying attention. Between Q3 2012 and Q3 2014, smartphone and tablet video consumption grew 400 percent and now accounts for 30 percent of all online videos played, according to Ooyala’s Global Video Index. This trend has been helped along by the expansion of fast 4G/LTE coverage. The bigger iPhone 6 screen and the popularity of other ‘phablets’ (large-screen smartphones) also reflect the growing importance of mobile video. As phablets saturate the market, they will in turn feed the growth of mobile video.

Mobile video viewers are what you might call a “captive” audience. When TV commercials begin, people look down at their phones. On the bus or subway, people focus on their digital screens instead of the ads passing by in the cityscape. When radio ads begin, people change the station. However, when people are already looking at their smartphone, nothing is going to distract them. Use mobile video ads to take advantage of this undivided attention.


2. Native advertising.

When websites feature advertisements that emulate the content and style of their own site, we consider it native advertising. Native ad spending will climb from $3.2 billion in 2014 to $8.8 billion by 2018, largely because advertisers are seeing above average engagement with this format, according to an eMarketer forecast.

Native ads are typically long-form blog posts, infographics or videos that aim to inform, entertain and inspire people without directly promoting a product. For example, a banner ad from a clothing retailer might promote a winter clothing sale, but a native ad from the same retailer might discuss winter fashion tips instead. Typically, native ads are tagged with a disclaimer such as “sponsored content”, “paid post” or “promoted by”.

If you’re targeting millennials, who tend to be put off by “salesy” ad content, consider native advertising. Now that publishers are partnering with advertisers in the production process (i.e. helping them write and edit), it’s easy to get expert help.


3. Viewable impressions.

Until recently, digital advertisers were very susceptible to fraud. Many were misled into paying for bottom-of-the-page ads that no one scrolled down far enough to see. “Click fraud” was also a huge risk. Essentially, some people realized they could run up their competitors’ advertising bills by creating computer programs (“bots”) that automatically click ads. This practice became so rampant that fraudulent bot traffic may have cost the advertising industry as much as $11.6 billion in 2014. Thankfully, new viewability technology and an advertising model called “viewable impressions” are eradicating both of these problems.

With viewable impressions, advertisers are only charged if the ad appears on a user’s screen for a minimum duration. According to the industry standard, for a display ad to count as a viewable impression, 50 percent of the pixels have to appear on the screen for a minimum of one second. For video, 50 percent of pixels have to appear for a minimum of two seconds. Bots can’t create fraudulent viewable impressions because they can’t complete the actions that distinguish a genuine user view from a false one.

However, in many cases, one or two seconds isn’t nearly enough time to engage a viewer. When you purchase viewable impressions, make sure you have the option to buy guaranteed time slots (e.g. five, 10 or 20 seconds), especially if you plan to run video ads. If you purchased a 10 second slot, you’d only be charged if your ad was continuously viewable for ten seconds or longer. The rate you pay reflects the total amount of time your audience spends with the advertisement.


4. Behavioral data.

New channels, tactics and payments models will only serve your marketing efforts if ads reach the right people. Rather than spending your budget on a large set of consumers, you can more efficiently use behavioral data to target people who fit your customer persona.

While advertisers commonly target individual websites where they expect their customer to hang out, behavioral data improves upon this approach by allowing you to target groups of people across multiple advertising properties. Behavioral targeting providers can profile a group (e.g. mothers with young kids) based on an analysis of online searches, Internet browsing habits, purchasing history and much more. If you’re targeting specific types of consumers, behavioral data can mean the difference between a bungled campaign and a huge victory.

Mobile video ads, native advertising, viewable impressions and behavioral targeting are the defining trends in digital advertising. The strategies that worked for advertisers for the past five years won’t work indefinitely. As these trends illustrate, the channels are continually changing, and the audience on the other end has new habits and preferences. Get the most out of your advertising spend by testing these new four strategies and discovering what works for you.


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This Ad Brought Out The Child In Me!!

Who else loves Ribena as much as I do? It’s funny because as a child, I didn’t really enjoy drinking Ribena! My love for Ribena came about a few years ago and has come to stay foreverrrrr! I kinda like how this isn’t just seen as a kid’s drink, and this is evident in the ad below. Kid finds Ribena that dropped from a woman’s shopping bag, contemplates giving it back to the woman and in the end does the right thing by giving it back to her and as he returns it, there is a burst of energy and the scene is transformed to a full blown party, including adults sticking their tongues out to show the purple in their tongues from the blackcurrant(I should do that next time I drink Ribena..hehe). All in all, it is a happy-go-lucky ad and we love it! Here’s our verdict below, tell us what you think!

Humor /Emotional connect: We could definitely relate to the kid, when we are torn between decisions etc.

Creativity: The ad delivers this, especially in the scene where the marketplace changes to a party scene

Icon/Memorable Lead character: That little boy will forever be etched in my memory(Lol, I kid I kid…no pun intended) but yeah he’s a cute kid with great talent and delivered his part exceptionally well.

Catchy Jingle Yes, but was very brief.

Memorable: Yes

Did you get the general gist of the ad, or were you lost?Yes, ‘the ‘Goodness made Fun’ theme resonated throughout the ad.

How often is your product/service reinforced throughout the AdWe definitely knew it was a Ribena ad, as the brand featured quite a few relevant times in the beginning, middle and end.

Simplicity/ClarityThere was no ambiguity/confusion in any of the scenes, everything started and led to a logical conclusion as simply as possible.

Overall TAB Rating: 8/10

Brand: Ribena 

Tagline: Goodness Made Fun 

Source: YouTube 

Enjoy below:

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Evolving Consumer Culture within the Nigerian Market: Mobolaji Caxton -Martins

One of the reasons brand management is a really exciting and dynamic profession is because of the peculiarities associated with the consumer in different cultures. In May 13, 1931, Neil H. McElroy drafted the famous 800 word memo which has come to define modern day brand management. In the memo, McElroy argued that companies should assign a separate marketing team to each individual product brand, as if it were a separate business. This is despite a “house of brands” or “endorsed” brand architecture. The Brand Man memo stated a few things which hinge on succeeding through an understanding of consumer culture;

o  Where Brand Development is heavy and where it is progressing, examine carefully the combination of efforts that seem to be clicking and try to apply it to other territories that are comparable.

o  Study the past promotional and advertising history of the brand, study the territory personally at first hand – both dealers and consumers in order to find out the trouble.

o  After uncovering the weakness, develop a plan that can be applied to this local sore spot. It is necessary, of course, not simply to work out the plan but also to be sure that the amount of money proposed can be expected to produce results at a reasonable cost per case.

While brand marketing has evolved quite a lot over the years, the origin still emphasizes how fundamental “consumer culture” is to successful planning. This brings me to one of my earliest definitions of a brand which says that “a brand is a strategic cultural idea“. Another popular marketing quote says that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. I personally don’t see any brand being successful without a thorough understanding of its consumers and this just begs the question; who exactly is the consumer?

A lot of marketing professionals are probably conversant with the socio-economic classification of A, B, C1, C2, D and E. While this might have been a great learning template to understand the consumer, I believe there should be a more innovative way for insight analysis in these recent times. While business owners are adopting new technology to improve their products and services, we as admen should be developing new tools to understand the consumer. Below is a sample consumer profile;

Vivian is a senior procurement officer in a foreign exploration and petroleum company doing business in Nigeria. She is 39years old and from one of the Niger-Delta states. She is one of two daughters of her parents and her elder sister is married to a politician back in the region. Vivian owns a serviced apartment in 1004 and stays with her bestie Michelle who is an interior decorator with clients in Lagos, Abuja and Port-harcourt. Vivian is unmarried but very much in love with Michelle in a way that society does not approve. She attends one of the famous local churches where the men perm their hair as she has been told that this will be a great place to find a husband. Her friend Michelle is more globally inclined as she was born in Dundee so she really doesn’t care and lives her life the way she deems fit. Some of Vivian’s colleagues suspect that she is dodgy but feel like it’s none of their business. Vivian hardly cooks at home and believes in eating out and getting food delivered from her favorite spots using the upcoming apps. Her experience with the men in church shows that they are only out to get her money so she has given up on that and just wakes up every day to live her life. She hates driving so is frequent user of the popular rider company in Nigeria. She also attends the gym every weekend to keep shape and is a member of a running club. She goes to a members-only lounge sometimes when she’s bored of staying at home. She never misses her holidays which she mostly takes with Michelle and she’s always looking for new places to go each year. She has had a few advances from men at work but they are all married and she knows even if she agrees it would only be for fun.

Vivian’s profile has been cut short for the purpose of this article, however, the point being brought out here is that, understanding Vivian as a consumer isn’t something that can be done via desktop research. A lot of people might not even believe a consumer like Vivian exists. As Neil McElroy said, it is necessary to study the territory at first-hand; both dealers and consumers. The profile above highlights various aspects of Vivian’s life which are touch points for businesses and brands to engage with her. They include but are not limited to her residence, her sexual orientation, her career, her vacation interests, her healthy lifestyle, her preference for social hangouts, religious inclination, etc. All of these are pointers to how a brand could choose to engage Vivian and this has become more psychographic than demographic.

My thoughts are, the best way to understand the consumer brackets that exist today require a lot of innovation. I have found that Nollywood is constantly churning out stories and while some of these could be clearly unintelligent, they do have some societal truth in them. Ad men should adopt a more out of office approach to observe at first-hand the current trends and profile-types that exist. Templates would certainly do no good at this stage. I look forward to products being developed from intelligent insights and trend reports; some sort of research and development if I could say. It is necessary to understand that the consumer is changing every day and right now there are Nigerian consumer brackets that have totally been ignored because people believe they do not exist. Further to this, the strategies being used to address some consumer brackets are inefficient because the insights are only scratching the surface. In the end, this is about producing results at a reasonable cost.

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New Lucozade Ad, distracting accents et al…


So, to add some structure to my TVC ratings, I’ve come up with some parameters which I think are quite fair to help rate these ads. Let me know what you guys think, please note that all reviews are purely subjective and based on my opinions. Enjoy below:

Humor /Emotional connect– This ad had a bit of humor, as is evidently seen when the guy is frustrated that brands keep telling him what to do. ‘be smarter’, ‘be cooler’, ‘get smarter’ . His delivery was somewhat funny and almost relatable.


Creativity It definitely showed promises of a well-thought out ad with the magazine flashes, street shots, etc that all told one story and connected at the end.


Icon/Memorable Lead character: The lead character, who looks a lot like Trevor Nelson was quite memorable, but I don’t entirely know if its in a good way.  I think the ad was supposed to be for the Nigerian audience, and clearly the lead actor isn’t Nigerian, so there was a bit of struggle between him trying to sound as Nigerian as possible without losing himself too much. Why didn’t they use a Nigerian actor though? Good delivery though.


Catchy Jingle: N/A


Memorable: On a scale of 1-10, I would rate memorability, a 6.5/10 because there was no jingle to help with recollection etc.


Did you get the general gist of the ad, or were you lost?Yes, all we want as consumers is for brands to appreciate that doing things our way is good too. Instead of  bossing us around, telling us what to do.  So to encourage us, Lucozade is giving us the ‘energy to do us’ . Yes, the message was clear, get the energy to do you with Lucozade!


How often is your product/service reinforced throughout the AdThe brand featured quite a few relevant times in the ad, beginning, middle and end.


Simplicity/ClarityThere was no ambiguity/confusion in any of the scenes, everything started and led to a logical conclusion as simply as possible.


Overall TAB Rating: 7/10

Brand: Lucozade

Tagline: The energy to do you

Source: YouTube 


Did I miss anything out? Please let me know in the comments section below


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Issa ‘Natural Fairness’- Nivea’s New Ad

Let’s face it, this ‘lightening cream’ market has caught on and is here to stay! Some may not market their products as obvious ‘whitening’ agents but you’d more often than not see things like, ‘natural fairness’, ‘real complexion’ ‘lighter shade’ etc, did I miss anything out? This ad is no different and alleges that this particular product restores your natural fairness… ehen? Issokay!

Ad opens with the lead character, Omowumi complaining that she had been looking for the right product to restore her natural fairness, Alas! here comes Nivea with its ‘Natural Fairness’ lotion and we see her skin go shades lighter as a result of this lotion… Now, she feels more comfortable because her skin’s natural fairness has been restored. This of course is made obvious by her choice of clothing and a totally random person commenting on how youthful she looks..Lol.

Let me do my work and leave personal care matters to the experts!. As far as the ad is concerned, good cinematography, beautiful actress, adorable child, visible product placement and ingredients. All in all, decent effort. Well done to the team!


TAB Ad Rating: 6.5/10


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Brief Q&A on The African Cristal Awards with Taiwo of 7even Interactive

It’s officially awards season, and we caught up with Taiwo briefly on the past African Cristal awards that took place in Marrakech a few weeks ago. Enjoy below:


What does the African Cristal awards mean to you in your own words?

The African Cristal is an avenue to showcase creative work, talent and also measure our creative output with our counterparts from other parts of Africa.

It is an event designed to promote creativity and innovation in the media and advertising industry in Africa.

When did the actual event occur?

It held between 10th -12th May 2017, in Marrakech, Morocco.

Did your agency win anything?

No, we didn’t win anything this time around.

How many countries are involved in this competition?

Entries were received Pan Africa, and even on a regional basis.

Any high or low moments of your trip?

High moment:- Seeing Nigerian Agencies mount the podium to receive awards. Thing of joy to see some of our local works get rewarded.

Low moment:- The wait time at the airport.

How does one get ready for the next awards season?

Keep pushing the creative frontiers by developing innovative and cutting edge creative materials.