Loooonggg Hiatus, and I am truly sorry!

Who has missed me? I know I have been badly behaved by going completely off the radar for almost two months! I don’t even want to go into details, but please know that I am sincerely sorry and I will try not to disappear like that again, or at least give prior warning before I disappear again. Thank you to all those that visited the blog, saw my stats and I was like awww wow, you guys are the best!!! Compliments of the season to you all 🙂

I was doing some work and I needed a breather, so I decided to surf the net to catch up with the happenings in the world, when I happened on this(see below)…

oros perfume 1

Out of curiosity, I opened the post to read/see more and then I saw these too(see below)oros perf 2oros perf 3oros perf 4oros perf 5oros perf 6oros perf 7oros perf 8oros perf 9oros perf 10


Still haven’t recovered from this ad, and I doubt I will any time soon to be honest. What is going on here please? Perfume ad or pre-wedding shoot featuring Oros perfume? How are people still doing print ads like this in 2017????? Am I being extra dramatic or is this not a really bad campaign? At the very least, if you’re going to photo-shop an image into a live picture, at least make it believable no? Don’t get me wrong, the pictures are beautifuuuullllll and the bottle/packaging is very nice, however ko le werk for this campaign! Am I stale, or has anyone else heard of Oros perfume? Will this campaign make you buy it? Will you gift loved ones/enemies this perfume this Christmas? Polar bear, winter, snow, wolf, island, bruhhhhhh,what exactly do you want us to focus on when we see this campaign? Don’t even get me started on the lines/copy, so all over the place! Worn by Juliet, specially for her, irresistible you, specially made for her, discover your scent! Haba!

I have tried to see the good in this campaign but it’s not happening. Out of curiosity, I may go and ‘discover my scent’ at a perfume store one of these days, will definitely keep you guys posted on my findings!

Petty Side-note: How come they didn’t say ‘Worn by Iceberg’ … Or it doesn’t matter? Lol. Don’t mind me.

Let me know what your thoughts are on the campaign guys, looking forward to your comments! xxx


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