Snitch Much? Lol, Enjoy Glo Ad ft Korede Bello

Okay so I low-key watched this ad with plenty skepticism, don’t ask me why! To my surprise, I quite enjoyed it. The dialogue was on point, cheeky and had some humorous angles to it. I especially enjoyed Korede’s ‘ITK’ aka ‘know it all’ behavior. On the flip side though, when will brands stop forcing their colors down our throats please? Haba! Green this, green that even the helicopter had a bit of green on it , I’m shocked the Ipad wasn’t green too. All in all, great commercial. These Glo ads are getting better by the day to be honest. Well done guys! See rating below!


Acting/Actors– 85%

Cinematography– 80%

Story-line– Present

Ad-Message– Clear

TAB Ad Rating 8/10

Enjoy the ad below:



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