I’m Struggling With What To Title This Post…

Okay so I have watched and re-watched this ad with biased and unbiased eyes, and the only recurring thing from all these plenty watches is that the ad is just BAD! I’m sorry, but there isn’t any nicer way to put this! See ad below and read my analysis after watching the ad please.


So, the ad starts off with a pretty lady announcing the winner of some contest and then we see the recipient, ‘JR’, walking up to collect his award. As he walks up to the stage, something falls out of his pocket, your guess is as good as mine, A PACKET OF GALA! 

First of, I struggle to see how there was gala in his pocket in the first place! I think it would have made sense if he walked up to the stage, and started fumbling his pockets for his written acceptance speech and then an empty packet of gala drops out? What do I know?!

He then proceeds to get his award and it flashes back to his childhood. One good thing though, as they flashed back is that they showed the old gala pack, so kudos on paying attention to that important detail. I didn’t buy the flashback scenes though, apart from seeing his childhood memories, nothing in the cinematography depicted that ‘olden days’ look. Except they are telling us that, he’s a 90’s baby…even then…

Here’s what I have taken away from this ad in summary

  1. Gala keeps you going
  2. Hunger tried to deal with him when he was trying to hustle but he ‘sama-d’ it back with a gala
  3. Gala helped him achieve his dreams
  4. Gala made him a superstar
  5. Gala is/was his secret weapon….

Am I right? While all that is good and nice, the ad failed to connect the dots for me. It was too all over the place and I’m sorry but I refuse to believe that eating Gala will do all of this for me? It’s too HUGE of a claim!

See TAB verdict below:


Acting/Actors– 60%

Cinematography– 50%

Story-line– All over the place

Ad-Message– The message is there, ‘keep moving/going with Gala, but…

TAB Ad Rating 5/10


What are your thoughts, comment below.



  1. Gala lost it already in the sausage war. They own the name while others are cashing in. I think they refused to agree that there was competition when beefy and others joined the sausage business. They can come back, but product evolution is important, the pepsi carry go, the N100 coke were come back for them when Big Cola snatched the cola drink market.

    Lagos Charisma is a brand analyst writing from Lagos.


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