#2 MEET THE BRAINS BEHIND-(Durex, Ensure, Glo pitch, FBNCA, FBN Trustees, Wakanow Christmas and MTN Business) Ads

Please tell us a little about yourself

Nancy, a graduate of Agricultural Engineering is a part-time idealist, half-time pessi-optimist, and full-time advertising copywriter.

Besides crafting and creating effective communication solutions for some of the best brands, she’s a closet dreadlock gypsy who desperately wants to be home, less. When she isn’t thinking of her next house address, she can be found writing, sometimes provocative pieces, travelling, and stalking people online; who knows she might have scrolled through your page.

How many ads have you written so far?

Does everyone besides me keep count? See ehn…there are levels to this. Should I count the ones that were approved but never ran? The ones that were rejected by clients? The ones that I disowned? Or the ones that never made it out of a review?  It’s not something I really think about. So I guess I don’t have the right answer.


What has been your most memorable one till date?

I have a couple of them: Durex, Ensure, Glo pitch, FBNCA, FBN Trustees, Wakanow Christmas and MTN Business.


How did the thought process go?

There has never been a formula to the creative process. Sometimes, if the muse god is in a splendid mood then the ideas come quickly (I call it the one-minute guy).  Other times, it’s a dry spell (I call this period, menopause) and this is the phase brainstorm sessions come in handy.


Did the client buy the idea immediately or was it a series of rejections?

Show me that client and I will quit my job to be a bus conductor.  I’ve had some that loved the idea from the first presentation, but after undue consultation (in my opinion) with other team members, the idea starts to look like something else (this child is not mine. I demand a maternity test). I’ve also had cases where it’s been one rejection after another after another and I just want to move on at that point- find a divorce lawyer and settle out of court.


How was the shoot in general?

It’s either a storm or a smooth sail. I always pray for the latter.


Were there any highlights and not so great moments?

Highlights would be the free food (kidding but not joking). Seriously though, it was seeing my script come to life.  Not so great moments would be the gruelling hours; I was at a shoot that lasted way into the night.


Are you pleased with the outcome of this ad?

Ermm…Can I plead the fifth?


What would you do differently, if any, with the next script?

I think it would be to get a director that can see beyond your paper; a director that is visually creative and runs with the idea. That’s my goal.


Please include links of work done

Please click the link below to view them;


And if you can’t be bothered, then please click these (Hint: it is still my page)





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