Go Large Or Go Home! GT Bank Shows us How!

I talked about this 737 phenomenon sometime last year and my feelings are still pretty much the same towards this service. Now they have come out with a full music video for the campaign. Extremely catchy jingle, beautiful models, most especially the greyed-out woman, (who is goals by the way) , the burst of colors was so refreshing, the costumes etc.

It is easy to get lost in the visuals and jingle because it is really catchy, but it is important to note how they coined in the benefits and use of the 737 service in the jingle. I am a witness to 737, it is really that simple to use.


Acting/Actors– 100%

Cinematography– 95%

Story-line– Simple and straight to the point

Ad-Message– Very clearly spelt out, or should I say ‘sung-out’

Humor– Definitely present. The bit where the guy was rapping, and then the guy in orange asked him what he meant! LMAO was really funny. Did you notice any other funny bits?

TAB Ad Rating: 9/10

737 has been tested and tried, and will still be in use for a long long time to come!

Enjoy the ad below:


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