Blog Share: Six stereotypes of women in Advertising

According to Karin Kihlberg, museum manager at The Museum of Brands, there are six stereotypes of women in advertising. She believes that the representation of women in advertising has shifted considerably: “At a time when gender balance is the subject of many a debate in the media, in business and more recently in government, we feel it’s important to look at the evolution of the female role model in advertising and how this feeds into our day to day lives”. See list below:


  • Domestic obsessive– Unnaturally energized by issues to do with home, often cleaning. Used to be referred to in the industry often as 2 Cs in a K
  • Selfless Nurturer– Self-sacrificing, maternal, subsumes own needs for those of others
  • Sex Object– The ultimate in one-dimensional desirability
  • Unattainable goddess– Physically perfect object of desirability but for women rather than men. Aspirational, unattainable and ideal
  • The Fraught Juggler-Busy working mum with too much to do. Frustrated and not happy
  • The Bit Part- Supporting or background character for the male protagonist(s). There to provide visual variety

Did we miss anything out? Or is this a fair enough representation of women? Please let us know below.




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