Oh No, Greatest Goof Ever!

Dear Diary,

I’m so embarrassed right now, I did the worst thing ever in the world of Account Management! I sent a job to my client without going through it in full details!I know I know! How could I have done that?!? I feel like I’m being punished by the ‘client god’ for constantly being on the prowl and looking out for client blunders that I can call out! Fair play, right? I actually received a stinker from my client yesterday evening, I contemplated opening the mail before shutting down for the day and I eventually gave in and opened it! Oh boy, I read and re-read the mail hoping that each read would give me something different, show me something different, a little glimmer of hope that it wasn’t my fault, Alas! I shut-down and thought about that mail throughout the night. I woke up tired but ready to face my day, said a quick prayer and arrived at the office.

I settled into work and began to form replies in my head. I must have typed and deleted a few times before I finally sent the mail responding to my client. The thing is, you can’t come across as too apologetic and at the same time you dare not sound too proud either. Finding the right balance is KEY! I started off by exchanging pleasantries and then apologized for the ‘goof’ and then assured my client that all would be rectified. Oh, before the email I called and sent an SMS apologizing and reassuring that all will be well. I hate situations like this but at the end of the day, we all live and learn.

The situation is still being remedied, I accept full responsibility for what happened and will work tirelessly to make sure this never happens again, so help me God, Amen!

Has anyone had any similar experience? How did you handle it? Please share below in the comments section.

Xoxo, TAB Girl


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