High School Reunions/Reconnections, Powered By Glo

Glo has definitely upped their TVC game, their latest ads have been quite entertaining and less literal(if you know what I mean). I saw this ad the other day and I smiled and could relate with Tuface’ situation. Apart from one or two alarming moments when Juliet’s derriere was literally shoved in our faces, the ad was a generally good ad. Howeverrrrrrr, the ‘greenery’ they had Juliet and Tuface wearing was a slight over-kill though! Green earrings, green sash/belt, green pocket square on that blazer, green necklace, green bangle, green sandals, HABA! Surprised her hair didn’t have green strands! Lol, we already know its a GLO ad and we also know that the primary color is green(It doesn’t matter that you tried to use a different shade of green from the Glo green, we still saw what you did there). *sideeye* I don’t know why subtlety is a bit far-fetched for some brands(topic for another day) but yeah… enjoy further analysis below:

Humor /Emotional connect: I could definitely relate to Tuface and Juliet’s story, Tuface’ delivery from beginning to end was quite good to say the least.

Creativity:  I like how they linked the 1999 situation to the present situation through a gesture, picture frame and a Polaroid picture. It all came together and made absolute sense for us watching it.

Icon/Memorable Lead character: Tuface killed this one, he definitely gave us 100 and we appreciate it, thanks a lot. He nailed it for me when he thought a lady dancing in his direction was coming for him, the sigh of relief from him was too believable! Lol

Catchy Jingle No jingle, but background tune worked for the ad.

Memorable: Yes

Did you get the general gist of the ad, or were you lost?Yes, the ad was about re connection, which was brought to light by the two actors reuniting after a long time. ‘Some things are worth waiting for’, says the VO (voice-over) in the TVC. So, when you reconnect your old sim, you’d get 6k airtime… In other words, save/reconnect your old sim, it’ll be worth your while!

How often is your product/service reinforced throughout the Ad:  Ha! Our eyes were green with envy literally at all the really nice accessories the actors had on! I think we all can agree that we knew it was a Glo ad.

Simplicity/ClarityThere was no ambiguity/confusion in any of the scenes, everything started and led to a logical conclusion as simply as possible

Overall TAB Rating: 7/10

Brand: Glo Nigeria 

Tagline:  Reconnect your Old Glo Sim and get 6k airtime

Source: YouTube 

Enjoy below:



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