GTB Leads, Other Banks Follow…

I am actually a believer of Guaranty Trust Bank’s 737 hype, well at least two of its functions (transferring money using 737 and recharging my phone with the 737 code) I can’t begin to describe how convenient my life is with 737 and now my life is about to get easier…hehehe.

GTB has teased us for a few weeks now with the ‘What is the 737’ lampposts, billboards, radio hype etc around Lagos. Finally, about two days ago they unveiled all the numerous functions of the ‘737’! Some of its features include opening a bank account, paying bills, one time passwords etc. Read up more here: It is basically ‘ a simple, smart, and safe way to bank anytime, anywhere and on any device. Imagine if opening an account was as simple as dialing a number from your mobile phone or transferring funds was as easy as sending a text message, or paying bills could be done at any time of the day, even long after banking hours’.(

‘With GTBank’s Bank 737, your mobile phone is now a service channel for all your banking needs. Users simply have to dial the short USSD *737# code on any mobile device to experience a new world of simple banking’.

Agbaje, the bank’s MD also added that ‘the launch of the product marked another milestone in the bank’s quest to make banking truly simple for its customers’.

Have you guys tried the 737? What are your thoughts? I wasn’t paid to do this by the way, I’m just another satisfied customer expressing herself 🙂






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